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Some Useful Web Resources and links


Association of Computing Machinery
An international society devoted to computing science, computer science education and computer science professionals/practitioners. It is the world's largest scientific and educational computing society.

IEEE Computer Society
An IEEE professional organization that focus on computer science and technology.

USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association
An association that brings together engineers, system administrators, scientists and technicians. The association holds many conferences annually. The LISA conference is specifically for system administrators and USENIX security caters for the information and cybersecurity practitioners.

An organization that focuses on internet vulnerabilities, software vulnerabilities, incident response and forensics. It has a useful security alert service that security professionals can subscribe to.

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, specializes in certification and security education. Its CISSP certification is a well regarded security certification, it also offers other certifications such as CSSP, CSSLP etc...

SANS Institute
SANS institute offers cybersecurity training and certifications that focuses more on hand ons tasks and practical steps for implementing security and defending systems. SANS certifications are well regarded in the industry. SANS also publishes many information security resources on its website.

Offensive Security
Offers highly regarded ethical hacking and penetration testing certification that is based on hands on, practical real world scenarios. Offensive security maintains several security projects such as the Kali Linux distro and the exploit database.

The Open Web Application Security Project, is a community focusing on web application security. It publishes the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities that are frequently used for assessing web application security.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
A non profit organization that protects privacy, freedom of the internet and civil liberties in the digital world. EFF is one of the founder of Let’s Encrypt, the automated and free CA that aims to encrypt the web and improve internet security and privacy for netizens.

Gartner Webinars
Gartner offers various webinars on the largest trends in information technology.

Google Project Zero
Project Zero has many detailed write ups on security flaws and bugs discovered by the Google Project Zero team of cybersecurity professionals, hackers and engineers.

Kaspersky Lab - Security Reports and Research
Contains various reports on security from Kaspersky Lab.

Checkpoint Research
The many information security articles and posts published by the firewall vendor Checkpoint.

Cisco Security Blog
Security blog posts from the network vendor Cisco.

TrustWave SpiderLabs Blog
The security blog of spiderlabs. They are the developer of the widely used opensource Modsecurity web aoplication firewall.

Microsoft Secure
Microsoft blog posts, articles and resources on information and cyber security.

Google Security Blog
Various blog posts and insights about information and cybersecurity from Google.

PortSwigger Web Security Blog
The web security blog of PortSwigger, the maker of the popular blurpsuite security testing application.

Search Inside Yourself
The organization that promotes mindfulness and emotional intelligence training based on a programme started inside Google. Mindfulness meditation and training is especially useful for tech people and engineers to develop better EQ, better people skills, greater patience, less temper and ego. Chade-Meng Tan, one of the founder of the organization has written a book "Search Inside Yourself" that is very useful to engineers to learn and practice mindfulness.

University of Adelaide Computer Science
The computer science website of University of Adelaide, include links to computer science research at Adelaide such as Machine learning, information security etc...

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
Peter Norvig post on the efforts to learn programming and become a really proficient programmer.

A local Singapore website catering to Singapore technology and start-ups scene. It publishes a number of presentations and videos that has been recorded in Singapore on its website, covering many diverse technical areas.

Yet another insignificant programming notes...
A number of programming notes put up by a NTU Assoc Professor. The notes are quite useful and cover a diverse range of topics from c/c++ programming, java web and mobile android development, php, perl, mysql database setup, tomcat setup, web application security etc... It provides a quick way to pick up the basics and get started with a particular language.

Institute of System Science
An institute within NUS that provides many IT professional courses covering the latest developments in IT. The courses are useful for professionals who want to keep up to date with new technologies, methodologies and practices in IT.

Singapore Computer Society
The local computer society for IT professionals in Singapore. It has a number of interest groups that cater to various areas of IT practices and holds regular IT events throughout the year. The "IT Society" magazine is a quarterly magazine about the IT scene in Singapore published by SCS.

AI Singapore (AISG)
Singapore National Artificial Intelligence Programme by our National Research Foundation. It seeks to build up the AI capabilities in Singapore.

Singapore Government Open DataSet
Public datasets that are made available by the government to faciliate data analysis and applications development.

Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium
An organization that promotes engagement of industry, academia and government in cybersecurity. Improving cyber and information security for Singapore.

National CyberSecurity R&D Lab
An organization that provides a shared national infrastructure for CyberSecurity Research and Development Community. The organization also provides some security data set that can be used for research.

Singhealth Hack COI Public Report
The pdf report of Singapore largest hacking incident to date, the Singhealth Hack that exposes 1.5 million records. The report offers a post mortem analysis of the data breach and to many security professionals will be a valuable case study. Information and CyberSecurity is a difficult task, even large organizations with big resources can be hacked. Studying post mortems and lessons learnt will help security professionals to improve cybersecurity.

Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore
Singapore's main authority on the protection of personal data.

CloudFlare Incident Report of CloudBleed
CloudFlare a web security company has an admirable transparent and open policy. Their blog post detailing the incident of their "cloudbleed" bug provides good technical details on the issue and steps taken to resolve it. By sharing such details, it allows others to learn from the incident as well.

Human side of Post Mortem Video
A youtube video presentation by Dave Zwieback on The human side of Post Mortem. When handling and responding to post mortems or incidents, it is important not to forget the human element. An organization should not be solely out to find blame, rather it should focus more on the solving the issues, being transparent and open with all its stakeholders, learning and emerging stronger from the incident.

The List
Provides a listing of the startup and tech events in Asia and Singapore that anyone is welcome to join.

Eco Business
A local website focusing on sustainability, green technology, climate change and our environment. A useful website for those who care about sustainability and environmental issues in our region. There are reports on sustainable palm oil and the indonesia transboundary haze that affects Singapore, Malaysia and even as far as Thailand.

Wild Shores of Singapore
A blog focusing on the marine and wild life around the shores of Singapore. Despite our size, there are actually quite some wild life in and around Singapore.

Long winding road
A local Singaporean blog about the interesting and unique places in Singapore. It also highlight some of the "old" places which are affected by the rapid urbanization of Singapore.

Mr Brown
A popular and interesting local Singaporean blogger, Mr Brown. His posts are about a variety of things and issues relating to Singapore.

Asian Scientist
A website focusing on science and technology in Asia. It also carries stories and reports about science and technology in Singapore.

NUS greyhats
What our local tetiary students who are interested in Cyber and IT security are doing. There are write ups on Capture the Flags (CTF) for those who are interested in offensive and exploit techniques.

Div0 - Singapore CyberSecurity Community
Provides a platform for information security practitioners and enthusiasts to meet, learn and explore information security. The blog at the website provides a number of interesting posts on security.

My Learning Journey
A Singaporean penetration tester blog with several interesting and useful write ups on security testing and offensive techniques.

The website of a vietnamese security researcher based in Singapore. Contains articles related to cybersecurity. There is also a write up on a vulnerability in Whatsapp, How a double-free bug in WhatsApp turns to RCE, discovered by the researcher recently.

Taiwanese Security Researcher, Orange
A blog by a Taiwanese security researcher, orange. It contains many interesting posts regarding cyber security, including a write up on the recent Php Fpm RCE(CVE-2019-11043).

一位台湾网络安全专家的博客。 有许多关于网络安全的文章。 一篇文章描述了最近的 Php Fpm RCE(CVE-2019-11043) 安全漏洞。

Peter Leow's Code Blog
A technical blog with useful articles on programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence. A recent article by Peter Leow, You got Spam provides an interesting read and tutorial on Baysesian Spam filtering technique.

Sau Sheong Chang's Blog
A well known Singapore coder/author with several published books. The blog contains interesting technical articles. An article by Sau Sheong, Simulating complex systems using programming provides an interesting read on how simulation can be used to model cultural interaction and change. Indeed computer simualations can help to model and test various theories and hypotheses, helping humans in predicting changes, thinking and making decisions.

A recent presentation on Building Simulations With a Go Cellular Automata Framework given by Sau Sheong Chang.

Nerd First
0612, a nerd based in Singapore. There are many interesting technical and computer science videos on his youtube channel.

Andrew "Bunnie" Huang
An American hardware and computer hacker residing in Singapore. He is the author of Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering. His website contains many technical posts on hardware.

Yos Riady 's Blog
The blog of a software engineer based in Singapore, contains many interesting posts about distributed finance systems.

Edible Garden City
Singapore urban farmers who champion "Grow Your Own Food" movement in our tiny Singapore. For those who are interested in urban farms and sustainability.

A Singapore online bookshop, a local alternative to big ecommerce giants such as Amazon. For people who still read books this can be a local site to check out.

A place for makers to build and tinker with their own projects.

Singapore Malay Heritage Centre
A centre that showcases the Malay culture in Singapore. Malays are the original natives in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia; before Sir Stamford Raffles arrived and made Singapore a British trading port. They have a rich and laid back culture that made it easy for other races like Chinese to be good friends with them. The early Chinese migrants arrived in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, coexisting peacefully with the Malays. Parts of the two cultures are blended and today some of the singlish phrases that Singaporeans use like "jelak", "ah lemak", "jelat" etc... are actually Malay words.

Some of the malay songs that are popular include Gelang sipaku gelang . These are some of the songs that some Singaporeans will remember singing while in schools.

Multitone Music
A Singapore company that specializes in Chinese traditional music and instruments. Watch some of the videos that they have put online, it comes with a refreshing modern touch and yet is Chinese music at the same time.

Singapore Chinese Orchestra - 新加坡华乐团
For those who like to learn more about chinese music. Chinese musical instruments like Guzheng and Dizi can play relaxing and tranquil tunes, often hauntingly beautiful and serene. At times, one really feel like being transported to another place, immersing in the music.

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry - 新加坡中华总商会
An organization set up by the Chinese community to promotes and support business, commerce and industry in Singapore. The organization supports education in Singapore as well as chinese culture.

中华总商会推动新加坡的商业发展, 发扬文化与支持教育,社会服务。

Singapore Association of Writers - 新加坡作家协会
This website features a number of Singaporean chinese writers and their works. A useful website for Singaporeans who want to learn more about chinese language.

了解和认识新加坡中文作品和作家。 中文, 华文, 其实必不是那么可怕,那么难学的。 中华文化有很多值得学习的地方, 它的语言,书籍, 诗词,书法, 歌曲, 音乐, 思想, 武术等等。。都可发现一种优雅而自然的美. 新加坡华人应多学习,了解自己的华文文化与传统.

The website of Singapore Chinese writer, 尤今。 In my school days used to read her some of her books to learn and improve my command of chinese. Her chinese blog is at

新加坡中文作家, 尤今的网站。 在念书时有看过尤今的书和文章, 那时正在学习中文。 她的个人博客,

ZaoBao - 联合早报
Singapore Chinese newspaper reporting about local issues. Reading the articles can also brush up and improve our chinese language and knowledge.

新加坡本地的中文报纸, 有各类的新加坡新闻与文章。 多阅读华文报可以帮助学习华文,华语。

Redants - 红蚂蚁
A chinese website reporting on Singapore news.


Catholic High 50th alumni anniversary school song video
A youtube video featuring the school song of Catholic High at its 50th anniversary. Catholic High is known for its bilingual approach to education, promoting the best of both chinese and western values, producing bilingual students that are versed in chinese and english for Singapore. It is one of the SAP school in Singapore that offers both chinese and english as a first language. SAP schools have produced many local Singaporean talents and contributed much to our nation. The lyrics of Catholic High school song can be viewed here. Tencent Video of the school song.

公教中学校友会五十周年的校歌视频。 公教中学推广中西融合的教育,为新加坡培养了许多中文和英文兼备的双语人才。 公教的校歌鼓励学生向上,努力学习,将来为社会做出贡献。 这校歌唱起来也很振奋人心。 公教中学是新加坡其中一所特选学校 (SAP school),中文与英文都是第一语言。 新加坡的特选学校 (SAP schools) 为国家培养了很多本地人才,为新加坡社会做出了贡献。 公教的校歌歌词可在这 阅览。 腾讯视频也有公教校歌MV


Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, an organization comprising of various chinese clan associations, that promotes understanding of chinese culture and language. During the founding of Singapore, many of our ancestors come from Southern China. The various chinese clan associations play an important role in helping our ancestors settle down and assisting the community then. In modern times, these clan associations play a role in promoting our chinese cultural heritage and language.

由各个华族会馆联合组成的新加坡宗乡会馆联合总会。 总会发扬中华文化与传统,为新加坡社会做出贡献。

Ngee Ann Kongsi - 義安公司
A organization formed by Teochew to look after the welfare of Teochew migrants in the early days of Singapore. In modern times, Ngee Ann Kongsi promotes Chinese culture and actively support education in Singapore. For many years, it collaborates with University of Adelaide to offer degree courses for Singaporeans to upgrade their skills. While this collaboration has recently come to an end, the organization continues to support education in many other ways.

新加坡华人中有很多潮州人。 義安公司是潮州人所创办的民间慈善机构,帮助过以前从中国来到新加坡的潮州先辈。 義安公司现在任然在推动潮州和中华文化,在教育上帮助新加坡人,不分种族, 语言, 宗教, 社会地位。 为新加坡社会做出贡献。

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kin - 新加坡福建会馆
Singapore Hokkien Huay Kin, a hokkien clan association that promotes chinese culture, language and heritage. The organization supports education in Singapore. Hokkien is one of the largest chinese community group in Singapore, many of our pioneer generation are from this community. For younger Singaporeans who are from this Chinese ethnic group, learning more about our roots, including the Hokkien dialect can help to preserve our heritage and strengthen our self-identity.

很多新加坡华人都是福建人, 我们的先辈从中国福建来到这里建立新的家园, 建立起新加坡。 新加坡福建会馆帮助了当时的新加坡先辈。 今天新加坡福建会馆, 任然在发扬, 传承福建人的文化和传统。 弘扬中华文化,培养英才,为新加坡社会做出贡献。

Singapore Weiqi Association - 新加坡围棋协会
For those interested to learn more about GO. GO is an ancient chinese board game based on simple rules but is actually quite complex. Go allows one to develop patience and helps to exercise our brain mentally. Recently, Google has come up with an AI program, AlphaGO that finally manages to beat a human Go player.

下下围棋, 可带来娱乐, 学习耐心,坚持,锻炼我们的大脑。

Singapore Chin Woo Athletic Association
Singapore branch of the famous Chin Woo Martial Arts, the original instructors came to Singapore in 1920 from the ShangHai Chin Woo Association.

新加坡的精武会馆。1920 年上海中央精武会派几名师父来到新加坡宣传精武精神。学习武术可强身, 也可培养自强不息与武德的精神。

Mediacorp Radio 958
Capital 958, a mediacorp Chinese radio station. Mediacorp has a number of other radio stations both Chinese and English. Refer to the MeRadio site. The Chinese stations are useful for learning mandarin. To learn the chinese language, one need to listen, read and write the language.

958 城市频道, 本地华文广播电台。 要学习好华文,就要多听,多讲,多看,多写,多用。

Mediacorp Radio 972
Love 972, a mediacorp Chinese radio station.

Love 972, 听听陈建彬, 周崇庆, 李国煌等艺人谈谈新加坡与世界的不同新闻, 话题, 人生的一些经历。

UFM 1003 Radio
A Chinese radio station under Singapore Press Holdings.

新加坡报业控股的中文音乐电台。 播放许多好听的中文歌曲。

Channel 8 - 八频道
Singapore Channel 8, a mandarin channel in Singapore. Channel 8 also provides a variety of chinese programmes and shows. In 80s and 90s, Mediacorp used to produce a large variety of chinese dramas, including martial arts dramas, fantasy, sci-fi, historical and modern dramas etc... As time passes, Mediacorp has not produced chinese martial arts dramas for quite a while. I hope one day they will produce newer martial arts dramas. Many of the old dramas are pretty popular not just in Singapore, but also in the region, such as in Malaysia and even as far as China.

新加坡中文新闻频道, 看看新加坡每天所发生的事, 观看世界的新闻。 第 8 频道也有许多的中文节目。 在 80s 和 90s 年代, 有很多不同类型的连续剧,包括武侠片, 奇幻 , 科幻, 历史剧等等。。。 这些都很受欢迎, 在马来西亚,中国都有观众和粉丝。 新传媒已经很久没有制作新的武侠剧了, 希望有一天它能在制作新的武侠剧。

Uweekly 优1周
A Singapore bilingual entertainment and lifestyle news magazine.


A mandarin edutainment website for children.

一个中文的儿童娱乐频道, 可帮助儿童学习华语。

Mat YoYo Season 3 (English)
This is an interesting and entertaining local children programme. Originally the series was in Malay, but there are english versions for the newer remakes. I remembered watching some of the early malay episodes when I was a kid, even though I don't understand the language.

Singapore Channel 8 BigFan Blog
A blog about many of the Singapore Channel 8 chinese dramas.


The Sheng Siong Show (缤纷万千在昇菘)
The Sheng Siong show is a variety programme sponsored by Sheng Siong. It consists of many games and prizes to give back and reward Sheng Siong shoppers.

缤纷万千在昇菘, 由昇菘赞助的新加坡八频道综艺节目。 有许多游戏和奖金来回馈昇菘的购物者。

梦想程式 (Dream to Code) - MeWatch Episodes
A Singapore Mediacorp drama about a group of coders who formed and started an IT startup company. The episodes are available for free online watching at MeWatch.

新加坡电视剧, 梦想程式, 故事讲述一群科技开发者组织新创公司的奋斗。 可在 MeWatch 网上免费观看。

我的女侠罗明依 (Quest to Heal) - MeWatch Episodes
A recent Singapore Mediacorp chinese period drama. It is a story that revolves around the famous Ming dynasty physician, Li Shi Zheng. His fellow junior disciple time travels to modern day Singapore and meets the descendant of Li Shi Zheng. Together they begin a new adventure. The theme song of the drama <<乱>> is very nice as well,with good lyrics expressing the essence of the story.

新传媒新的古装电视剧, <<我的女侠罗明依>>。由戚玉武,黄思恬,徐彬,王禄江,雅慧,徐鸣杰等出演。 故事围绕着明朝的著名医生,李时珍。他的师妹从明朝穿越到现代的新加坡,认识了李时珍的后人,展开了一段新的冒险经历。 电视剧的主题曲 <<乱>> 也很好听,这首歌的歌词也很好,很动人,反映了剧情故事。 可以在这 Mewatch 链接 乱 - 歌曲, 听听这首歌曲。

JTeam Production
A Singapore production house led by our local film director, Jack Neo (梁志强). It has produced many popular movies for Singaporeans, such as "Money No Enough", "I not Stupid".

新加坡的电影制作公司, 由新加坡导演梁志强带领。 梁志强导演制作了许多新加坡人喜爱的电影, “钱不够用”, “小孩不笨” 等等。。。 为新加坡的娱乐界做出了贡献。

梁文福 - 脸书
Liang Wern Fook, a Singaporean musician who has composed, sang many xinyao songs familiar to Singaporeans.

梁文福, 新加坡音乐创作者, 创作了许多新加坡人熟悉的新谣歌曲。 为新加坡的音乐作出了许多贡献。

Yokez - 叶玉棂
A bilingual Singaporean singer and song writer who also often sings at live music venues, weddings and events. A video on her youtube channel where she sang Home -家 , a popular Singapore National Day song.

一位新加坡的双语创作歌手。她也常在婚礼与现场音乐活动表演。在她的youtube频道上有一首她唱的歌曲, Home -家。 这是一首新加坡人喜爱的国庆歌曲。

于书然 - 滑冰运动员 (新加坡/北京) Instagram
A young Singapore figure skater who won Singapore first gold medal for skating in the recent SEA Games 2019.

于书然, 代表新加坡的滑冰运动员, 父亲是新加坡人, 母亲是中国人, 她出生在北京。 在最近的 2019 SEA Game 代表新加坡赢得了我国的东运史上第一枚金牌。

Mewatch - Wild Singapore
While Singapore is a modern city full of brick and concrete buildings, there are actually pockets and corridors of nature in our country too. Wild Singapore is a series of interesting documentaries about nature in our country. Singaporeans need to do our part to protect our natural environment and the various wild animals sharing this city with us.

A documentary series by Mediacorp Channel 8 on the ties and relationships between Singapore and our close neighbour, Malaysia. Many Singaporean Chinese maintain close ties with relatives and other Malaysian Chinese across the border. Such people to people relations help to bring both our countries closer despite the occassional bilateral issues and hiccups.

情牵新马, 是新传媒第 8 频道, 星期二特写的记录片。 讲述新加坡与马来西亚之间的密切关系。 许多新加坡华人都有马来西亚的亲戚与朋友, 这拉近两国的友好关系。 新加坡与马来西亚偶尔会有一些纷争,但是大体上两国关系任然是很密切的。

Are You Hokkien - 你是福建人吗 ?
A series of local entertainment espisodes by Singtel on Hokkien Singaporeans. Provides an insight into our Chinese heritage in Singapore. Singaporean Chinese can learn more about our Chinese culture and roots. A second season is available as well at the following link Are You Hokkien ? - Season 2 . Singaporean Chinese need to learn more about our cultural roots and language such as Hokkien. Singing some Hokkien songs occasionally can help in learning Hokkien.

新加坡电信的一系列综艺节目, 你是福建人吗 ? 节目很有趣,可以帮助新加坡华人了解我们华人的文化, 认识和学习福建人的传统, 习俗,与语言。 新加坡华人应该多学习我们华人的语言和传统习俗,保存华人的根。 偶尔唱唱福建歌曲也可以帮助新加坡福建人学习福建话。

好世谋 - Ho Seh Bo
A popular Singapore dialect TV series. Older generation of Singaporeans will get to hear their familiar dialects. Younger Singaporeans can learn more about the dialects that our parents and grandparents speak, it is part of our chinese culture and roots. Ho Seh Bo 2 (好世谋 2) is also available at mewatch.

新传媒受欢迎的方言剧。这是我们父母,爷爷奶奶所讲的方言, 也是我们华人的文化语言。新加坡年青一代该学习和了解我们的方言。

Speak Hokkien Campaign
A website that promotes the hokkien language. For Singapore Chinese, learning our own dialects such as hokkien is a way to ensure that our Chinese heritage is not lost. It can be treated as a third language besides English and Chinese.

学习福建话的网站. 新加坡华人学习如何讲方言可以传承华人的文化和传统. 使我们不忘记自身的根.

Bonnie 罗美仪 & Desmond黃振隆 - 每天为你唱歌
A nice hokkien song sang by mediacorp Bonnie Loo and Desmond Ng. It is the song for mediacorp dialect drama "How Are You?". Bonnie Loo also has many other songs at her youtube channel . During the recent Covid 19 Circuit Breaker, she has made a remote virtual appearance with Wang Lei singing a hokkien song. The facebook video is available here.

一首好听的福建歌,由新传媒的罗美仪与黃振隆合唱。这首歌是新传媒的方言电视剧 "好世谋" 的插曲。 罗美仪也有许多其他的歌曲在她的 youtube 频道 。 在冠状病毒阻断期间,她以远程虚拟视频与王雷合唱一首福建歌,《谈天讲皇帝》。这Facebook视频可在这观看

TiffWithMi Youtube Video
An interesting youtube video by a pair of Singaporean sisters on creating and making chinese youtube video. The video encourages Singaporean Chinese to learn our own mother tongue and language. The youtube channel by the 2 sisters have a number of other interesting videos that are a mix of English and Chinese, bilingual in nature.

一个有趣的 youtube 视频, 鼓励新加坡华人学习中文, 了解华人的文化。 这对新加坡姐妹还有许多不同的双语视频在他们的 youtube 频道, 可以启发新加坡华人多用心,学习我们的中文语言。 新加坡华人不但要会英语, 华语也要能说, 能读, 能写。 华文毕竟是我们华人的母语。

Singapore Floating Kelong Restaurant
An interesting youtube video by Alley Cat on Singapore floating kelong Restaurant, Smith Marine.

How Much I Earn a Day As a Female GrabFood Cyclist?
An interesting youtube video about the daily routine of a GrabFood cyclist by (妮妮江) ninijiang who currently lives in Singapore. With the emergence of the gig economy, some Singaporeans have opted to take up various part time and even full time gigs like Grab driver, Grab delivery etc... This video gives a glimpse into what it is like.

Her youtube channel 妮妮江ninijiang has many other videos about Singapore and life in Singapore.

Singapore by Brompton | Sembawang
A youtube video on Sembawang. Singapore may be small but there are still many interesting places, each with its own stories and history.

Our Grandfather Story
An interesting youtube channel about various stories in southeast asia. It includes stories about Singapore.

DaddyMing TikTok
Entertaining and funny short videos on the pranks that a Singaporean dad unleashed on his son. These are the sort of naughty pranks and tricks that some of us will think of, but usually dare not perform on others.


Kevouthere TikTok
Kevin O, a photographer based in Singapore. His tiktok has many beautiful videos of various places in Singapore.

一名在新加坡的摄影师,他的 tiktok 有许多新加坡各各地点的段视频。拍得很好,很漂亮。

Kimberly Chia (谢静仪) TikTok
Kimberly Chia, a Singaporean actress with some entertaining short videos.


Dewsisters TikTok
A pair of cute South korean sisters with many entertaining short videos on tiktok, there are dances, jokes and other amusing antics. South koreans are good at music and dance moves, their Kpop culture has spread all over the world.

一对可爱的韩国姐妹有趣的 tiktok 短视频。有舞蹈,玩笑,逗人有趣的举动。韩国人擅长舞蹈与音乐,Kpop 文化已传播到全世界。

Aono Kaede (青野楓) TikTok
A Japanese actress with many short videos on karate moves. These are not only entertaining but helps to promote the sport and art of karate. Learning some martial arts is good for everyone, not only as a form of exercise but also for self defence.

一名日本女演员的许多空手道 短视频。这些视频也推广了空手道运动与武术。学习武术对人有益,它不只是一种运动,也可以防身。

Rio Arai(荒井里桜) TikTok
A Japanese music student playing many pieces of entertaining violin music.


A fun and interesting Teochew song, this is probably one of the songs that our parents or grand parents will be familiar with. It reflects in a teasing way the earlier times of chinese custom where weddings are arranged and you may not really get a spouse that you expect. I hope newer generation of chinese, whether Hokkien, Teo Chew, Cantonese, Hakka etc... will learn more about our own culture, appreciate its dialects including old songs. It will be a pity if these are lost, and the newer generation becomes a people that doesn't know our roots.

一首很有趣的潮州歌谣, 反应了早期的华人社会。 当时相亲很普遍, 所娶到老婆可能不是你所想象的。 这首歌, 我们的父母,爷爷奶奶都应该很熟悉。 新加坡华人需要多了解我们的华人文化, 不同的方言, 歌曲等, 不要成为没有根的人。 饮水要思源。

An interesting hokkien song about being a wife, having to handle family and mother in law. This is a song of our mother generation, in the 60s and 70s where many housewives are wearing wooden clogs. It is unique and distinctive song.

祖母的话, 一首有趣的福建(闽南)歌, 讲述好和坏的媳妇。 这首歌在我们妈妈的年代,60s 和 70s 应该很盛行的。 当时,很多家庭主妇都还穿着木屐。 年轻一代偶尔听一听这些旧歌,多了解早期的时代,也挺有意义的。

天黑黑 (福建歌)
An hokkien song about rainy days that mothers used to sing to their children, grandmothers to their grand children.

一首儿时的福建歌。 在新加坡早期的时代,妈妈常唱给孩子听, 祖母唱给孙儿听。 这也是一种新加坡早期的华人的生活,当时没有手机,没有电脑, 电视也不普遍, 人们都用不同的娱乐方式。 唱歌,听听大人讲故事, 玩玩自己做的小玩具等等。。。 年轻一代应了解一下我们的父母, 爷爷奶奶的时代是怎样的, 有哪些值得保留,传承的东西。

欢喜就好 - 冯提莫
A popular webcaster Feng Timo singing a hokkien song. The pronounciations are not very good but it is quite entertaining and funny. For hokkien people, we should try to learn and understand our own dialect and hokkien culture.

冯提莫唱着《欢喜就好》, 一首闽南(福建)歌。 虽然发音不准,但是还是很有趣, 很幽默的。 要学习方言,就要敢去用,去讲。 新加坡福建人应该学习我们福建人的闽南语, 尽量了解和传承福建人的文化。

Wang Sa/ Ye Feng(王沙野峰)
Two popular Chinese actors and comedians that are active in 70s/80s. Short snippets of their shows can be found on youtube and youku. Their shows are very entertaining and some contain conversations in dialect. Their shows reflect a time when Singapore is transiting to the use of mandarin and english from dialects to build up a modern international business centre. Today, we are a successful modern economy with a highly educated workforce. For us Singaporean Chinese though, we should learn and pick up our own dialects, it is part of our root and heritage. Mediacorp has made available some episodes available on mewatch Wang Sha Ye Feng Special 王沙野峰谐剧双宝特辑.

70s/80s 年代, 两位很出名的喜剧演员。 他们的一些演出可以在 youtube 和优酷找到. 他们的演出常常会用方言,每个都很有趣。 那个时代的新加坡为了建造一个现代化的国际经济中心,正在鼓励使用华语和英语。如今新加坡已经是个成功的国际中心,有受高教育的国民。 但生为新加坡华人, 我们应该学习方言, 传承华人的文化. 新传媒在 mewatch 也有他们的演出作品 Wang Sha Ye Feng Special 王沙野峰谐剧双宝特辑

Malaysia 988 news - 马来西亚 988 新闻
Malaysia 988 chinese news, with many news articles, reports and media about the happenings in our neighbour. They also have a programme reporting on the various news in Asean.

马来西亚 988 新闻, 多了解发生在我们邻国的重要事件。 988 聚焦东盟节目也报道了许多亚细安(东盟)的有趣新闻。

厦门卫视 - 闽南通
A series of documentaries in hokkien explaining and introducing China fujian, hokkien culture, customs and traditions.

闽南通节目, 介绍中国闽南(福建)文化,风俗等等。。。 节目使用闽南语(福建话)和中文。

Awakening - 雾锁南洋
This is a Mediacorp drama about our earlier Chinese ancestors who come to Singapore to work and forge a new home. It shows the struggles and hardships that many of our ancestors from Southern China faces when they first came to Singapore. These early pioneers eventually overcome these obstacles to build a successful Singapore. In the 80s/90s, it is the golden age of Singapore television chinese dramas. Mediacorp has producted many good dramas that Singaporeans grew up watching. Many of these dramas are now available freely to watch on MeWatch. A list of some dramas and their MeWatch links.

雾锁南洋是一部很受欢迎的电视剧, 描绘了新加坡华人的先辈, 如何从中国到南洋来谋生。 他们克服了许多困难,成功的建设了新加坡。 雾锁南洋不但戏好, 歌曲也很不错, 表达了当时辛苦的情况, 先辈们奋勇克服困境, 建立一个新的家。 歌曲可带动人们的心。。。使我们更了解自己的文化与根。 华人先辈的刻苦耐劳, 勤奋, 勇气都值得我们学习。 新加坡华人不可以忘记我们的根和先辈的贡献。
在 70s/80s/90s 年代, 新加坡独立初期, 有许多吸引人的电视剧。 有雾锁南洋二, 飞越银河, 小飞鱼, 盗日英雄传,绝代双雄, 亚答籽, 红头巾, 怒海萍踪, 奇缘, 迷离夜, 少年英雄, 七彩人间, 五脚基, 芝麻绿豆( 小人物的心声主题曲), 人在旅途, 飞跃巅峰, 剑断江湖, 冷月剑无言, 东游记等等。。。 多样不同种类的电视剧, 每一部也都有很好的歌与插曲, 令人回味。 当时很多电视剧也都描述了人民的团结,努力奋斗, 与政府一心来建设新加坡。 新一代的新加坡人不可忘记早期先辈的奋斗和努力。许多这年代的电视剧可以在 MeWatch 免费观看。这里有个电视剧与 MeWatch 的 链接列表

A website that primarily cater to China expats and PRs living in Singapore. It carries news and articles about Singapore from the perspective of a China expat/PR. Some of the articles are quite interesting and contains things that we may not know of in our own country. The articles are in chinese, so it is a good way to brush up on our chinese language and get to better understand and know the perspectives of our China friends.

一个为在新加坡的中国人所设的网站, 有许多关于新加坡的文章,新闻。 新加坡人看了有时也会有不同的发现。 阅读网站的华文文章, 可帮助新加坡人学习中文,多了解我们的中国朋友。 其实,新加坡华人的祖先也都是从中国来到这里建立我们现在的家园, 国家。 新加坡华人和中国人都有深远的根与情, 值得我们多去了解和建立友谊。

Sina 新浪网
An international chinese new sites covering news in chinese. It contains many news articles on China as well allowing one to learn about Chinese perspectives and views. Reading chinese new articles can also help in learning our own Mandarin language.

中文国际新闻网站,也有许多关于中国的文章与新闻。 可以帮助了解中国的思想和观点, 了解我们的中国朋友。 多阅读中文新闻也可以帮助新加坡华人学习我们自己的母语。

WeiBo - 微博
China micro blogging website with many chinese news.

有许多关于中国的新闻, 文章和事。

Yabla Chinese Engish PINYIN Dictionary
A useful dictionary for translating between english and chinese words. It can be used when we need some help composing and writing Chinese text or to learn about Chinese language. It supports the familiar Hanyu Pinyin(汉语拼音), making it easy to use.

网上中英字典, 可帮助学习中文。 在写中文文章时很有用。

Baidu Translate - 百度翻译
A useful translation utility that can be useful for learning Chinese, translating between english and chinese phrases. The utility is similar to Google translate with support for other languages as well.

百度翻译, 很有用的网上工具。 学习中文,编写中文时都用的上。

Baidu Baike -百度百科
Baidu Baike, useful for searching various topics in Chinese.

百度百科, 中文搜索。 可以用来搜索各种中文资料。

Mojim - 魔镜歌词网
A useful website for searching lyrics of Chinese, Cantonese and Hokkien songs etc... Listening or learning to sing Chinese, Cantonese or Hokkien Songs is not only a good recreational activity. It can also help Singaporean Chinese improve our mother tongue and understand our own Chinese culture.

搜索中文, 广东 或福建歌的歌词。 听听和唱一些中文, 福建,广东, 潮州, 客家歌曲等等。。。 是种好的消遣方式,也可以帮助新加坡华人学习自身的语言,了解华人的文化。

Tencent Video - 腾讯视频
An online video streaming service by Tencent that has both free videos and subscription based videos. It is a widely used video streaming service for Chinese audience; international audience who can understand and navigate chinese will have no problems using it either.

腾讯视频, 中文的在线视频平台, 有许多免费和可订阅视频。 会中文的国际观众都可以使用。

Wikipedia - 琼瑶
琼瑶 (Chiung Yao), a chinese writer that publishes many popular Chinese novels, many are made into movies and television series. Reading the books or watching some of these series (particularly those with chinese subtitles) can be a useful way to brush up our mandarin. Many of the stories touch on human relationships and some are quite engrossing. Some popular ones include 庭院深深, 烟雨濛濛, 在水一方, 雪珂 etc... There are other authors like 金庸(Jin Yong), 古龙(Gu Long) who publishes martial arts novels(武侠小说); many made into TV series and movies. These too can be useful avenues to polish up our Chinese/Mandarin, while providing entertainment.

琼瑶的故事可看到人生的各种不同遭遇, 体验, 也能看出华人文化。 故事里常有情, 而在真实生活里, 人生也离不开情与义两个字。

金庸(Jin Yong)
Louis Cha, a chinese writer that has written many popular martial arts novels that are made into TV shows and movies.

金庸的武侠小说是全世界华人都熟悉的。 很多部由金庸小说改编的电视剧和电影, 射鵰英雄传,神鵰侠侣,倚天屠龙记, 天龙八部,笑傲江湖, 鹿鼎记等等。。。都受人喜爱。

花千骨 - Journey of a Flower
A touching chinese fantasy drama series about the love between an immortal (Bai Zi Hua)and his student(Hua Qian Gu). Both of them sacrifice much for each other with their innocent affection and love. But they are separated by various events of their world. The drama has a happy ending where both of them eventually got together again living happily as master and student. The full series can be watched online at Tencent Video - Journey of a Flower.

一部打动人心的仙侠电视剧,故事是从果果的小说改编。 讲述白子画上仙与他的徒弟,花千古,之间的爱与感情。 在仙界,师徒之恋是不被赞同的,更何况花千古是白子画的生死劫。 若不杀花千骨,白子画就可能自己造灭亡。 白子画不忍杀一个无辜的人, 甚至后来还收了善良的花千骨为徒。 他们师徒朝夕相对,产生了感情。 白子画默默的守护着徒弟, 花千骨也暗暗的爱护着师父。两人为彼此做出许多牺牲, 无私,无求的爱,很打动人心。 剧中有许多歌曲音乐,《不可说》,《年轮》, 《千古》,《恋人心》,《疤痕》 等等。。。都很动听,适合电视剧的故事。
错,有大错, 有小错, 有极恶之错, 有无心之过。 纯真无私的爱并非大过。 故事最后有好的结局,白子画与花千骨任在一起,过着师徒的生活,默默陪伴,守护彼此, 一切在不言之中。 人生不过一场梦, 能与心爱之人在一起,无念,无求,默默相伴也是个圆满的幸福。

可以从腾讯视频在线观看 花千骨.

An entertaining modern chinese romance drama.

一部有趣的现代爱情故事电视剧。王冠逸 (Lawrence Wong) 和 徐好出演。

An interesting and entertaining chinese animation series. Its song (原点), briefly translated as "back to origin" is also quite nice with good lyrics.

一部有趣的动画系列, 画出了江山王朝的争夺, 武林江湖的争斗。 剧情很生动,吸引观众。 里头的一些歌曲也不错。 [ 原点 ], 不良人主题曲,这首歌很好听,歌词很有意思。

An interesting chinese sci fi anime about a future society where humans live with artificial intelligent robots and the conflicts that arise.

一部有趣的科幻动漫, 故事讲述未来社会, 人类与智能人生活在一起时所发生的战斗。

斗罗大陆 - Soul Land(动漫)
Another entertaining chinese anime, Soul Land. In recent years, chinese anime have improved greatly and can hold its own against japanese anime. Soul Land incorporates both chinese and western elements in a story about a pugilist who got reborned into another world. In this new world, he finds new friends and begins a new adventure.

一部有趣的奇幻动漫,融合了中华与西方元素。唐三,一名唐门弟子,传世来到了斗罗大陆。在这里结交了新朋友,开始一段新的旅程。 在斗罗世界,魂师需要猎杀魂兽,获取魂环来提升自己的修为。魂兽有凶恶的,也有温顺善良,可爱的。 希望魂师们不滥杀魂兽,让那些温和善良和可爱的魂兽有机会进化成人类。

Dianxi Xiaoge - 滇西小哥
A youtube channel showing how many yunan cuisines are cooked. Dianxi Xiaoge also has an adorable dog that often appears in her videos.

Youtube 频道, 展示如何烹饪不同的云南菜。滇西小哥的狗,大王也常常在她的视频出现。

Liziqi, 李子柒 Youtube Channel
A popular youtube channel featuring many vidoes on chinese culture and the simple life in a China village.

李子柒的 Youtube 视频, 看看简单的中国乡村生活,安逸平静优美。了解一些中华古老的文化。

Xingni Xiao Harp Youtube Channel
A popular youtube channel featuring many harp pieces including popular Japanese anime music.

听听竖琴音乐, 陶醉在优美的音乐里。 这YouTube频道也有许多日本动漫的音乐。

A popular youtube channel with many beautiful classical guzheng music.

中国古筝音乐频道。 欣赏中国古典音乐, 了解华族文化。 这频道也有许多用古筝演奏的现代乐曲。 玉面小嫣然的古筝乐曲好优美,让人放松心情,陶醉其中。听了又再听,百听不厌。赞!

Meya 音乐工作室
A popular youtube channel with many classical music vidoes, the chinese bamboo flute is featured in many of these pieces of music.

中国笛子音乐, 带你进入一个美丽的音乐世界。

肉比头 - Zoebitalk
A website with many videos on the many hiking and nature trails in Taiwan.


一游记 (Johnny's Travels)
A realistic travel vblog of the many places, cities in China.


An interesting mandarin youtube channel, explaining different topics in science and technology. The explanations are very clear and easy to understand.


AnQuanKe - 安全客
A Chinese Cyber Security Website offering articles on information security. The articles are in chinese, useful for IT professionals to learn about computer terms that are in mandarin and pick up security knowledge.

中文的计算机与网络安全网站, 有许多安全科技的文章。 可以帮助学习中文的电脑与计算机的词汇, 也学习网络安全的知识。

A chinese information security website with IT security news and useful articles on security.

互联网安全新媒体与交流平台, 有许多安全资讯,文章和新闻。 可以帮助学习网络安全的知识。

A Chinese website focusing on opensource technologies, news and collaboration.

中文的开源技术平台。 有开源科技讯息和资源,开源交流社区。

Gitee - 码云
A chinese based online source code repository like github or gitlab.

中文的代码托管平台。 可了解不同的中国开源软件项目。

A chinese equivalent of stackoverflow with questions and answers of various IT topics in chinese.


A chinese IT website hosting many developer blogs and articles on various information technology topics.

中文的代码科技科技社区, 有许多的科技博格和文章。 帮助开发者学习与分享科技知识。