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Reading under a cool night sky ... 宁静沉思的夜晚 ...
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One cannot be clear about one's aims without simplicity, one cannot realize his or her potential without quiet undistracted focus , Zhuge Liang(诸葛亮)


Welcome to Nighthour.SG , a website that focus primarily on technology topics which may be of interest to technies and geeks. My name is Chiang Lin. I am a Singaporean living in Singapore, a modern city state.

I am passionate about technology and have worked in various IT roles and functions over the years, both from the user end as well as from the vendor side. My experience includes IT helpdesk and customer support, webhosting, system and solution engineering, system/network administration and recently, information and cybersecurity. I have a Bachelor of Computer Science from University of Adelaide and is CISSP certified.

On this website, I plan to share technology articles and some of the projects/code I have done. Hopefully, some of these content may be useful to readers and visitors. The website will primarily be in english, but I may translate parts of it and some articles to my mother tongue language, chinese.

The content of this site is based on my personal opinions. Readers/visitors may have different views which is a good thing. If you have feedback, comments, suggestions, corrections etc... You can reach me via the contact form . For more about the genesis of this site, you can refer to this first article.

Like many Singaporean males, I have done my National Service duty, and served as an Infantry Rifleman during my NS years. I have completed my full reservist 10 years cycle. As with humans, we may not necessarily like the tough training during NS, but like many things in life, the "fun memories" etc... emerge only after we have completed the training. Singapore is a small nation and depends on all abled Singaporean males to serve NS. This is to ensure our sovereignty and our way of life. If you are a Singaporean reader, it is a gentle reminder to support the NS system.

An online version of my resume is available here. Feel free to drop me a message to request access if you are a recruiter.

您好,欢迎来到 Nighthour.SG (夜空思间) 网站。 这网站的焦点是资讯科技。 我的名字叫强林,是个新加坡人,住在新加坡,这碧绿的城市国家。 我对科技有浓厚的兴趣,多年以来也担任过各种不同的IT角色。我拥有阿德莱德大学计算机科学学士, 也有CISSP证书。

我希望能在这网站跟大家分享有关IT的各种话题和IT项目与软件程序。希望会对一些来访的读者,网客有所帮助。 这里的文章都是我个人的见解和意见, 如果您有不同的看法,这是件好事。 任何建议,评语,或反馈,都可以通过联系表 来通知网站作者。 这里的文稿多数会用英文, 我偶尔会把一些翻译成中文。 若您想更加了解这网站的起缘, 可以阅读这 文章

跟很多新加坡男生一样, 我服过兵役,曾经是个步兵团枪手。 我也完成了整个国民服役过程。 虽然国民服役很辛苦,但意义重大。 新加坡是个小国,需要全民来保卫主权, 确保我们的生活方式。 如果您是个新加坡读者,希望您能支持国民服役。


Ng Chiang Lin, 强林