Night Hour

Reading under a cool night sky ... 宁静沉思的夜晚 ...
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用欢笑来给人生增加乐趣,把人拉近。。。 用微笑来传递安闲的快乐。。。

Laughter is the best medicine... It helps people to connect, transmits joy and remind us of our common humanity. At times , we have to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves and things too seriously.

On Bureaucracy

Person A walks into the local office building and ask at the counter.

Person A: Hi, I need to get this blah blah blah... done.
Main Lobby Counter: Let's see, this should be rule no. 777. Can you go to counter 777.

Person A: Hi, I need to get this blah blah blah ... done.
Counter 777: Rule 999, please go to counter 999.

Person A: Hi, I need to get this blah blah blah... done.
Counter 999: Let's see, this should be rule no. 888, please go to ...

Person A: I want to complain about the service !
Counter 999: Ok, please go to main lobby counter

Person A: Hi, I want to complain ...
Main Lobby Counter: Thanks for your feedback. Rule 0: please go home.

Explaining the meaning of "Between a rock and a hard place" (Army Style)

An infantry soldier is trying to explain the meaning of "Between a rock and a hard place" to his comrade.

Imagine you are in your shell scrape having a terrible stomach age. Just at the moment that you want to climb out to do your "business", the enemy launched a fierce attack. You are now faced with the difficult choice of either picking up your rifle and shoot, or pulling down your pants to do your "business".

Between a rock and a hard place, explained, Q.E.D!

Renovation Message Passing Humour

A business owner is renovating his office and the progress has been behind time with many defects and issues... After a few days of long overtime, the renovation workers have managed to fix some of the flaws.

The business owner remarked to his secretary.
"I am Happy that there is some progress. There is more to be done."

The secretary remarked to the renovation manager.
"I am relief that my boss finally said he is happy about the results. "

The renovation manager spoke to the supervisor of the renovation team.
"Hey, the customer has feedback that they are happy with the results."

The tired supervisor looked at his group of equally tired workers and said
"Guys, they are finally happy. Pack up, let's go home and sleep."

An Alternate Touch of Zen

A mother is trying to get his son to clean up his room that is piled up with all sort of stuff and papers lying around...

Mom: You need to clean up your room , there are so many rubbish and papers flying when I switch on the fan...
Son: There is no rubbish, it is not the papers that are flying. It is the mind that is moving.

A little while later.
Son: What is for dinner, my stomach is growling.
Mom: There is no growling, it is the mind that is imagining.

Complex System Requirements

A new software system has just gone life and a production issue has occured.

Network Administrator: It appears that there is some problem with the packets being transmitted from the application.

Software developer: No, this shouldn't be, the objects are properly packaged and marshalled over the distributed network calls.

Solution Architect: Guys, this is most likely an issue with some of the patterns being used.

The Customer: I don't care if it is a packet, object or pattern. This is not working and it is not what I want.

All three tech guys looked at each other and nodded in unison : It is a layer 8, the problem is the customer.

The Honest story

A child named honest was watching a documentary about ant eaters at home with his father. Honest asked his father, "Dad , how does the baby ant eater knows to eat ants ?" His Dad thought for a moment and said, "Because it is an ant eater." A while later, honest attended a family day event at his father's office. There he saw his father's boss ingratiating, praising, joking and laughing with the senior executives and management. His dad commented , "How come he is so good with flattery ?". Honest thought for a while and said, "Because he is an ass kisser."

Cybersecurity Joke

A cybersecurity pentester was running late on the test schedule for a customer. The application being tested was complex and problematic. His colleague who was impatient and wanted to go home said, "Come on, it is already way pass 6 pm. Let's pack up." The responsible cybersecurity pentester replied "If they go live, they could be hacked." His colleague looked at him in the eye and said in a serious tone, "Oh, that's ok, nothing to worry about. After they got hacked, they can hired us to do the follow up forensic and incident response."

Innovation Dilemma --Blues

A security engineer just returned to work after a long holiday. "Hi, hope you enjoy your holiday." his colleague greeted. "Yup, a great break from regular work. I have just completed and put up an opensource hobby ABC tool." , the engineer replied. "Did you mean the ABC tool ? We just got hacked by some hackers using ABC tool."

Note: The jokes are not meant to be offensive or disrespectful in any ways. It is meant to elicit laughter and fun. To remind ourselves to get out of our straitjacket sometimes, and not to take things and life too seriously. We walk the earth only for a short time.