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Html5 Chinese Idioms Game

Html5 and Javascript script game for learning chinese idioms and entertainment. 网上成语游戏.

A Simple Chinese idiom Game (简单学习中文的成语游戏)

Many Singaporean Chinese find it difficult to learn the chinese language due to its large vocabulary of characters and the many strokes of each character; despite mandarin being our mother tongue. It is important though to learn and be proficient in our own mother tongue. With ample practice and determination, more Singaporean Chinese should be able master our own language. Here is a simple html 5/javascript chinese idiom game to help Singaporeans learn some chinese idioms while having fun at the same time.

新加坡华人常常觉得学习华文很难,但学好自己的语言和了解华人的文化是很重要的。 只要有恒心一定可以学好华文,了解华人的文化。 希望这网络成语游戏能帮组其他新加坡人学习一些成语。

点击 game menu 然后 start game 来开始玩成语游戏。 一个移动球会出现,球中有个成语的汉字, 球也有颜色。 在球移动时汉子和颜色都会改变。 来自相同的成语汉子都会有同样颜色的球。 把猜到的正确成语填写在正确颜色表单字段, 点击submit. 时间越短得分越高.

Click game menu and start game to play. A color ball with a random chinese character from an idiom will move and bounce on the screen. It changes to other colors with other random characters from other idioms. Characters from the same idiom has the same color ball. Guess and submit the 4 chinese characters for each idiom based on color.

Points 120s:200pts, 180s:100pts, 240s:50pts, the rest:10pts

Score: 0
Time: 0

Idiom 1:

Idiom 2:

Idiom 3:

Note* IME input for chinese is required to enter the chinese idioms.

This game is inspired by the tutorial, Simulating Natural Systems in a Web Browser at and uses some of the techniques described in the tutorial.