Night Hour

Reading under a cool night sky ... 宁静沉思的夜晚 ...


Wild Flowers 1

在疫情中, 新加坡增加了许多野生花草, 蝴蝶也多了。 新加坡的生态环境应人类的活动减少而有了一些的 复苏迹象。其实新加坡可以保留更多的野生花, 野生草木。 我们不需要过度的割草,把什么野生植物都清理掉。

During the covid 19 circuit breaker, there are more wild grass and wild flowers in our environment. There are more butterflies too. Singapore should try to maintain more nature and wildlife in our environment. There isn't a need to overly cut down grasses and trim our foliage.

Wild flowers 2

在高度城市化的新加坡,多一点大自然可以帮助点亮生活,减轻压力,而且对地球的生态有好处。人类是这个 地球的高等生命,我们有义务保护好地球的生态。这也保障了人类自己的生存。

In our highly built up city, Singapore can do with more nature and wildlife. Nature helps to lighten up our daily life, reduce stress and is good for our planet ecosystem. Humans are the top living beings on our planet and we have the duty to protect our planet and the environment. This also help ensures our own survival.

Wild flowers 3


I hope more Singaporeans will support the protection of nature and wild life in our country. Let our garden city have more wild flowers, plants and trees.

Wild flowers 4

阻断期间,新加坡人有着更多的时间可以反思,可以多注意我们的周围环境。放缓的生活脚步让人们可以更加 欣赏这个城市的自然草木。

The circuit breaker has given Singaporeans more time to reflect and to notice our surroundings. The slower pace has allowed us to appreciate the small pockets of nature in our city.